Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Process of Carpet Cleaning

The method of professional carpet cleaning we use is different to other methods of carpet cleaning, it is unique and cannot be compared to other types of carpet cleaning. Dry Carpet cleaning uses no water, therefore is it ideally suited for cleaning all types of carpets including:

- Synthetic Fibres (Polyamide, Polyester etc) -
- Natural Fibres (Coir, Seagrass, Sisal, Hemp, Jute, etc) -
- Wool -
- Nylon -

The low moisture cleaning system means the carpets are DRY after cleaning and ready for use immediately.

Dry carpet cleaning

There are 2 stages to the carpet cleaning process:

Stage 1
The carpets are heavy duty vacuumed to uplift a high proportion of residue within the carpet pile, this dirt is known as DRY DIRT.

Stage 2
The carpet is then treated with Host® Biodegradable sponges which are sprinkled on the carpets, these sponges will collect all leftover dirt and the carpets will be left totally cleaned and dry.

The Result
Carpets are 100% dry, 100% organically clean and de-odourised, there is no waiting time for the carpets to dry!


The cleaning systems we use are pure, ecological and organic in cleaning. They Woolsafe® Approved and Green Seal Certified.

Independent research and certifications show Host® is environmentally preferred and the best choice for green, clean and dry carpets that’s look their best every day!

Dry Carpet Cleaning Advantages

- No wet carpets -
- Dry & clean carpets in minutes -
- Safe for Children & pets -
- Carpets do not re-soil quickly -
- No carpet shrinkage, mildew or colour loss -
- Approved by Carpet manufacturers & Fibre Producers Worldwide -
- No chemical residue -
– cleaner carpets for longer -
- Removes over 98.5% of allergens -
- No bad odours -
- Increases the life of the carpet pile